Greenmoore Gardens
Organic Community Supported Agriculture

Port Matilda, PA

Greenmore Gardens is a locally owned and operated USDA Organic Community Supported Agriculture Farm located in Port Matilda, PA. They are committed to providing organic, non-GMO fresh foods that are farmed using chemical-free sustainable methods. Greenmore works with local farmers, community members and educators to create a sustainable local food system, providing hands-on agricultural learning, on-farm research and gardening workshops for the area.

Friends and Farmers Cooperative
Member Owned Grocery Store

State College, PA

Friends and Farmers Co-op is a community initiative to bring a member-owned food cooperative to State College. They are committed to connecting sustainable food consumers and producers in Happy Valley. They envision a market where local and organic products are available in abundance for all who seek them, seven days a week, and where an invaluable bond is formed between people and environment.

The Spa at Kenlee
A Complete Spa Experience

Bellefonte, PA

The Spa at Kenlee is located between Bellefonte and State College PA. The menu includes nail / facial treatments, massage, waxing, permanent cosmetics, hypnosis and spray tanning. Also offered are specialty medi spa services including state of the art Hydrafacial, I Lipo treatments, laser services and medical treatments such as botox and juvederm. Additionally, they host spa parties to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, or just a fun and relaxing girls day out!

Nature’s Pantry
The Natural Foods Alternative

State College, PA

Nature’s Pantry is a family-owned natural foods distributor, offering a conscious shopping experience unlike any store in the area! The store boasts an extensive selection of gluten-free and raw foods, local produce, bulk food items, natural beauty products, vitamins, supplements, and even a pet’s pantry. The store’s staff consists of holistic nutritional specialists who collaborate with local providers to bring a wealth of information and education to the aisles of Nature’s Pantry.

Linda Puder
The D-Stress Station

Boulsburg, PA

At the D-Stress station, Linda and Jim Puder offer clients over 40 years of combined experience in massage and wellness education. Linda is studied in the fields of Sports, Infant and Family Massage as well as Neuro Muscular, Lymph Drainage and Colon Hydro therapies. The D-Stress station works to provide an experience of healthy behaviors through these therapies that can eliminate negative stress patterns from your life.

Amalia Shaltiel
Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong

State College, PA

Amalia Shaltiel is a Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong practitioner of more than 30 years and a Reiki master. She currently teaches Tai Chi at Penn State University and offers classes in Tai Chi , Qigong and Reiki atunements in State College. She also conducts Qigong workshops and Tai Chi master classes in Pennsylvania and other locations around the world.

Gail Louise Nale
Softly Seeking Serenity

Port Matilda, PA

Gail was drawn to Reiki in the fall of 2011, to help relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and chemical/environmental sensitivities. Her experience led her to develop a spiritual practice centered around Reiki. She received her Usui Reiki Master certification in October, 2012. Gail is focused on exploring and sharing methods to cultivate and maintain balance, wellness, and mindfulness in body-mind-spirit through her Reiki practice.

Marty Marsh
Piney Ridge Healing Arts Center

Huntingdon, PA

Marty Marsh, owner of Piney Ridge Healing Arts Center, has over 15 years of holistic health experience and education. She is celebrating her 5th year as a Reiki Practitioner. Martha’s passion is to help you to: believe in yourself, rise to every challenge, and to have confidence in yourself. We work on how you think, move and eat.

Peter Santos
Manifest Healing

State College, PA

Peter Santos is a healer who integrates 15 years of spiritual and healing studies into his practice of Manifest Healing. He combines various modalities to expedite claiming a new reality for health that is not based on past distorted perceptions, but rather on the potential within. Unlocking this potential allows you to experience the difference between simply existing and truly living. Peter is currently working on his licensure for massage therapy to bring an additional dimension to his healing work.

Monica Montag
BeWell Associates

State College, PA

Monica Montag is a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher, accredited from a multitude of universities and programs in the Kripalu Method, Process Acupressure, Health Sciences and Holistic Nutrition. She founded BeWell Associates over 23 years ago to inform others of healthy practices for mind-body-spirit, offering clients a way to optimize their health holistically. Monica is also an instructor for the Human Resources Development Center at PSU, and an energetic seminar leader.

Jen Champion
Dancing Earth Yoga and Gifts of Nature

Huntingdon, PA

Jen is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Proprietor of Dancing Earth Yoga and Gifts of Nature. She has been leading yoga classes for 12 years and producing herbal products for 20 years. A student in the fields of Yoga, Herbalism, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, she touches the lives of people ages 1-90. Jen blends yoga, compassion and living in harmony with mind, body & heart on and off the yoga mat.Jen also serves as the volunteer Director of the Natural Connection Wellness Center.

Adriene Nicastro
Pathways to Inner Peace

State College, PA

Adriene Nicastro is a psycho-spiritual counselor and instructor at her holistic practice, Pathways to Inner Peace. She offers a variety of services including meditation classes and individual healing or joint sessions with Peter Santos of Manifest Healing. She uses intuitive guidance and psychotherapeutic techniques to help others heal traumas, remove personality-based blocks, and gain a greater understanding of life lessons.

Sue McFadden
Haru’s Hands

State College, PA

Sue came to study Reiki after being a caregiver for her parents and a chronic health condition. Reiki augments standard health care with depth and compassion. Currently Sue has developed Reiki inspired art workshops, using her Karuna Reiki® and art training.
Beth Whitman
Inspired Holistic Wellness

Bellefonte, PA

Beth was introduced to Reiki after an auto accident in 2004. Intrigued by the relief from the physical, emotional and spiritual limitations, I began to study Reiki in 2008. I have since gone on to become a Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, consulting hypnotists and PSYCH-K facilitator. In August 2012, I directed my full attention on establishing a resource for the community to support them on their spiritual journey.

Carol Lindsay

State College, PA

Carol Lindsay, healer/musician has maintained a holistic health practice in State College since 1988. In 2012 she opened Hummingbird Woman Rest & Restore, A Spiritual Spa which caters to women, the universal caregivers. Her services include healing energywork, sound and color healings, LaStone Hot Rock Therapy, infrared sauna sessions, and guided meditations. She also offers a line of t-shirts, totebags and CDs ranging from meditation to traditional celtic.

Denise DeSousa
Turtle Moon Garden

Boalsburg, PA

From Turtle Moon Garden Apothecary, Nationally certified Aromatherapist, Denise DeSousa, creates products with organic ingredients and organic essential oils intended for use in the home, for personal care and much more. Denise also sees clients and animal clients for one -on- one Aromatherapy consultations, Crystal Therapy Sessions and Reiki Healing

Greg Wright
UpWright Ch’i – Acupuncture for the People

State College, PA

Greg Wright is a licensed and board certified Acupuncturist and founder of UpWright Ch’I. UpWright Ch’i provides effective and affordable acupuncture by modeling modern clinics in China, where they treat in a communal setting. This keeps the rates low; and enhances the group synergy of healing for each individual’s experience. The goal is to make acupuncture available to everyone who needs it. So give it a try, and harness the natural healing power of your body, mind, and spirit!

Marge Delozier
Simply Health’s Himalayan Salt Cave

Burnham, PA

Simply Health’s Himalayan Salt Cave in Burnham, PA offers one-of-a-kind therapeutic services. The Salt Cave, containing seven tons of Himalayan pink salt, was designed to create a healing microclimate containing 84 minerals and elements essential to the body. The cave offers soothing music and comfortable recliners while you relax and absorb the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory properties. Peruse the individual salt lamps and ask Marge about halotherapy!

Joanie Yanusas
Life, Relationship & Retreat Coach

Huntingdon, PA

Joanie Yanusas is a Certified Professional Life, Relationship and Retreat Coach.  Joanie excels at guiding you to success and satisfaction through helping you to recognize and develop your maximum potential.  Joanie specializes in building relationship–starting with YOUself.
Elevated Vibartions
Elevated Vibrations
Sound Meditation & Vibrational Massage

Planet, Earth

Formed in 2011 after being inspired by West Coast alternative therapies, Elevated Vibrations is a team of two local technicians dedicated to spreading vibrational experiences. Using a gong, singing bowls, and chimes, EV is able to create a personal cosmic environment which aligns the body and soothes the mind, allowing for a profound meditative experience.